Welcome to Tatung Einstein Reborn! I'm Mario, and this site is dedicated to the Tatung Einstein and Tatung Einstein 256 microcomputers. See screenshots of software and hardware, check out games I wrote myself! Browse the extensive collection of Einstein games and other software in disk image format, download the supplied emulator, and enjoy playing them on your current computer! There is even an extensive collection of scanned Einstein magazines and manuals on the site which you can download and view in PDF format.

The Tatung Einstein is rare now and even more so, the Tatung Einstein 256 which was made primarily as a games machine. This website is here to remind people of these great machines. Browse through my wanted list to see if you have anything I could use. See the manuals available for this machine and pictures of the Tatung Einstein TC01 and Tatung Einstein 256 computers. Make sure to visit my guestbook before you leave and make yourself known. Enjoy and pop in often as I will be constantly updating this site to keep it dedicated to all things Tatung Einstein!

If you have any games software I could use, please consider selling or donating it to me. I'd love to hear from you! You can email me here. Have a look at my Most Wanted List, however get in touch no matter what games software you have!

The vast majority of disk images you will find on this site were created by myself starting from the birth of the site in 2006, and I have been slowly adding to the library ever since. I pride myself on bringing such a large collection of Einstein images into the public domain for enthusiasts around the world to relive some great memories! I have scanned countless Einstein manuals and magazines for public use as well and there is still more to come in the future!

This site has helped many people around the world relive their cherished Tatung Einstein memories!




Tatung Einstein News! Last Updated 09 January 2018

09/01/2018 - Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a great 2018. The first update of the year is a good one. Many thanks to Carl Lloyd-Parker who has successfully managed to create working disk images of Druid and Dragon's Lair! Both games work perfectly with the newest version of MAME (0.192), so get downloading! I know there are a lot of people who will be happy to know they can play these games again through emulation! Carl has also worked on Theatre Europe, and has prepared a disk image for me, which should work perfectly when MAME is updated to allow 11 sector tracks. Your help is much appreciated Carl!

Look out for more updates soon. I'm shortly hoping to get my hands on a new batch of software to transfer to disk image for the site.

Now go and play Druid, you know you want to!



19/12/2017 - Many thanks to Einstein4Ever who posted a comment on my guestbook to point out that Starbase and Deadzone actually do work! (Chuffed I got those images ported over correctly!). I've tried it myself and sure enough, they work beautifully! Thank you for your comment, it's great to see so many other people out there who have a passion for this kind of thing and are willing to help. Also, thank you to my very own son, Daniel, who posted a message in my guestbook today! If you go to my "About Me" page, you will see a picture of my son and I when I first created the site, he was less than a year old. He's always been interested in the Tatung Einstein, and has always been supportive and shown an interest. He's now twelve years old and a strapping young lad, and I'm proud of him!

Anyway, here's what you need to do to get Starbase and Deadzone working :-

1. Load Mame 0.192 and after selecting Tatung Einstein TC01, Start emulation empty.

2. Select "Slot Devices" from the menu and select Floppy Drive 0 as 525ssqd.

3. Select Reset at the bottom of the Slot Devices menu to reset emulation.

4. Select "File Manager" from the menu this time, and attach either your Deadzone or Starbase image to Floppy Drive 0.

5. Press CONTROL (CTRL) + ALT to boot up the image. Enjoy!


08/12/2017 - This is the news we have all been waiting for! Thanks to Dirk Best, the Einstein emulation through MAME has been greatly improved. One of the things worked on improving were interrupts. As a result, there are a great number of titles that have now started working with the latest version of MAME! (MAME 0.192). Amongst the newly working titles are the most eagerly anticipated games ELITE and KONAMI 4 GAME PACK! Finally you can play Kings Valley on your PC, or fly your Cobra MK 3 in Elite! The full list of games that now work following this MAME update are : Buzz Off/Shark Hunter, Cluedo, Elite, House of Usher, Konami 4 Game Pack, Le Mans, Monopoly, Norseman/Backgammon, Scrabble, Snooker, Southern Belle, The Wreck, Time Bandits, and Turbo Chess/Draughts!! It's an amazing improvement, and finally these games can be enjoyed by all. I know there are a lot of people out there that wanted to play Kings Valley again, so now you can! Make sure to download my updated to fix an issue when loading games directly from MAME menu. Also, don't forget to visit the image file main page and download the updated version of MAME. Enjoy!


04/06/2017 - More disk images added to the site! ZBASIC and AMRUN Amstrad Emulator now available! Here's the updated to keep MAME up to date.


31/05/2017 - Public Domain disks 21, 102, 124, 151, 171, 177, 209, 210, 213, 223, 232, 244, 245, 246, 286, 317, 319, 320, 322, 333, 334, 343 added to site library! Also Disk Magazines 1, 2 and 3 added. As before, download the updated to keep the MAME front end image list right up to date. Enjoy!


28/05/2017 - Yet another update - Super Forth Manual added to the site!


27/05/2017 - Public Domain image file library now live! This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. There are 37 disks worth of public domain software available for download, either to use on emulation or for transfer back on 3" disk for use on a real Einy. Check out the new page and see if there is anything you like! You can view the Public Domain software list from the new page to check what utilities each disk contains. I've updated the MAME front end image list menu to reflect the new Public Domain content - if you want to keep it up to date with all the new additions from this site, make sure to download the latest , and replace the old one in the hash folder in your MAME directory. I've also added a new disk image for the Amstrad to Einstein disk copy program; in addition, there other utilities contained within this image.

It's always a pleasure to see people around the world finding my site useful and downloading the various manual and magazine scans and disk images I created; likewise reading messages from the many Einstein users around the world through my Guestbook is brilliant. Thank you, and continue to enjoy the site!


24/05/2017 - System 5 manual and Blast Off Einstein User Group magazine added to the site. Also a much improved scan of the Einstein Reference Card added as well as a list of Einstein Public Domain software. On the Public Domain List, any software with a line next to it is in my collection, and will be uploaded to the site in the future! More soon.


22/05/2017 - BBC Basic and The Cracker manuals added and now available for download. Also the fold out pages from the Hardware manual have been improved and re-uploaded. Remember, if you have any original Einstein games software you wish to sell, I would love to hear from you. Contact me HERE!


20/05/2017 - Le Mans disk image added to Image Files Work In Progress section of the website. As with all other Electric Software game titles, it unfortunately won't work on emulation, but will work on a real Einstein if transferred back to 3 inch disk. MAME front end games menu also updated to reflect this addition, you can get the updated EINSTEIN.XML file HERE. Enjoy!


17/05/2017 - Small update - Super Chess & Screen Plus User Manual, as well as the Speculator instruction pamphlet now available for download from the manuals section of the site. Also Jet Set Willy colour protection code sheet added to image download page. Enjoy!


15/05/2017 - New uploads to the site today - The Source manual, also new disk images added including The Source, Maths Tank/Counterblast, Database, Tasword, Turbo Chess/Draughts, Turbo Pascal, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Stock Tycoon/Pontoon, Norseman/Backgammon, Buzz Off/Shark Hunter, Starbase, Deadzone and more! There are some homebrew games in there, not including Bomber, that I wrote as a young boy that I found recently (they're not good, but I was only young! If playing Star Trek, it's "1" key to fire I eventually found out!), and I finally managed to get Starbase and Deadzone successfully imaged, the two games written for the Tatung Einstein by Ste Cork. Unfortunately, MESS can't play them and they freeze on the first screen, however hopefully with future improvements to MESS these will work; at least they are here now and ready and waiting for when that day comes.

I also want to say that Deadzone is a production copy and may have some bugs, graphical errors; the same goes for Starbase which is an appraisal version. This doesn't matter at the moment but if MESS improves to the point that these games work then be aware of this fact. Hopefully it won't be too long!

I have updated the front end Einstein image list for MAME to reflect the new disk images added to the site today, and a new tutorial video has been added for this latest emulator! It is also worth pointing out that Attack of the Killer Tomatoes works on this version, so check out my tutorial video for MAME and try it out. Keep checking back for future updates, and if anybody has any original Einstein games they no longer need and want to donate/sell, I would love to hear from you! Get in touch and send me an email!

Keep enjoying all things Tatung Einstein!


04/05/2017 - New uploads to the site today - Einstein Primer manual, Flight Simulation manual, Speech Synthesiser manual, 80 Column Card manual, Einstein News issue 2, Avon News Magazines Vol 2 issues 7 and 10 and Vol 3 issues 2,3,4,5 and 6! Also added are various price catalogues and official Tatung letters for a bit of nostalgia.

I noticed that "House of Usher" disk image was missing from the site, that has now been fixed and it is available to download from "Image Files Work in Progress" section of the site. It loads in the MESS emulator but freezes, however, to clarify, this game WILL work if transferred back to a 3 inch disk and played on the original Einy. Updated Einstein ROM file added to the site, the existing one on the site was quite out of date. *Scroll down for continuation of news*

It may be worth noting that if you decide to download the newest MESS emulator that is now merged with MAME, "Highway Encounter" will work on that particular emulator. Great game, and great news!.


30/04/2017 - New Manuals added to the site - Albert Revealed, Data File Handling In Basic, DISCMOD Manual, Dr Logo Introduction, Mouse Art Manual, "The Wreck" Game Manual, Einstein Software/Hardware Catalogue, and the Taurus Einstein Catalogue!


28/04/2017 - Tatung Einstein Reborn! is still here, and always will be! It's been a while, but some people were telling me they had problems using the latest MESS emulator to use Einstein image files, due to it now being merged with the MAME emulator. Not to worry, check out the image file page, I have added an old version of MESS from 2009 with the more classic simple interface people may remember; it's been tested with an Intel Core I5 running Windows 10 and works perfectly! From the image file page you will also notice a new link to a brief tutorial on running Einstein image files and mounting/unmounting them within MESS. Check back, as time allows I will hope to be adding more PDF Einstein manuals soon - I'll get them finished one day!


25/07/2011 - New Einstein disk image files available for download - Miner Dick, Pakman/Millipede, The Cracker, Spellbreaker, Colour Fantasia, Get Lost/Mr Fixit, BBC Basic, Toado/Fruckles, Einstein Compendium (Didn't forget you Mike Smallman! :-) ), Cyfax/Traditional Maths, Speculator Disk 1 and Mouse Art Disk! Will be updating the site with new manual scans soon, so keep a look out. As always, thank you for the guestbook messages, it really is great to hear from other Tatung Einstein enthusiasts - this site will always be here, and so will the Tatung Einstein!


01/12/2010 - Tatung Einstein Basic Reference Manual and The Speculator Spectrum Emulator Manual now available for download!


25/11/2010 - Introduction to Tatung Einstein Manual is now available for download. If you have just acquired your first Tatung Einstein Computer and need a crash course into how to get started with it, this is the book for you.


15/11/2010 - Five new Einstein disk images added, they are : Bell Six Game Pack, Manik Panik/Galaxoids, River Bandits, Roverball & Quantum. Also see screenshots for House of Usher and Deadzone. Does anyone have an original House of Usher game for the Einstein with original inlay card? If so, please contact me, quote me a price if necessary. Many thanks!


12/11/2010 - Einstein 256 Owners Manual is now available for download on the site!


10/11/2010 - More magazines added to the site - 11 newsletters from the Avon Einstein User Group and issues 3, 4, 5 and 6 of "The Brain" are also added. More .DSK Einstein images available as well, check them out, they include Fathoms Deep, Wishbringer, Zork 1 & 3, Alice and the March Hare, Agrovator, 256 Games Pack and Panzer Attack! One more image that doesn't work on MESS (but will work if transferred back to a real Einstein) also added, which is Southern Belle.

Check out my new game acquisitions in the "My Software Collection" page, which includes a lot of new Infocom titles, including a brand new and SEALED Suspended game with original packaging! My new pride and joy!

Please also check out this great new Tatung Einstein Forum created by Richard Croskell. Lots of potential for discussion with lots of different Einstein topics available to expand on. Have a look through this link - Tatung Einstein Forum .A direct link is also available through my "Links" page.

I will be continuing to scan more Einstein manuals until every single last one is on the site. More updates soon.


29/10/2010 - SEVENTEEN new magazines added to the download section - yes, you heard me! - Every single Einstein Monthly is now available for download up to Vol 3 Issue 2, and Alternative Micro News Vol 1 Issue 3, 4 and 5 are now available for download. Enjoy! Look out for new disk images coming soon.


25/10/2010 - FIVE new manuals available for download (with many more on the way) - The five are : Relatively Basic, Tasword Manual, WdPro Manual, Einstein Compendium and Zen Assembler Manual.

More updates on the way - so keep an eye out. Now, a few requests - could Mr A. Royal get in touch to my email address, I have your disks to send back to you but lost your email address a while back now! I have been partially successful in transferring your program, Colour Fantasia, to disk image.

Also the donations are still coming - latest thanks to Stuart who donated a twin drive Einstein, Speculator, 80 col. card, manuals, magazines and disks - very highly appreciated!

Thanks also to everybody who has got in touch over the year to praise the website, it is always welcomed and makes it all worthwhile!

I am still aiming to have EVERY SINGLE Einstein manual, magazine available on this site. Keep checking back!


25/02/2009 - Latest Update - New Imagefiles added to "Work In Progress", and DOS/MOS Manual now available for download.


21/02/2009 - To everybody a belated Happy New Year! Lets hope 2009 will be a good one. I have been unable to update the site for a little while due to health but now I am making up for lost time!

A lot of good updates this time. I remember someone in the guestbook asking for more pictures - so that's what I have done - there are now a lot more screenshots to look at and enjoy. There are a lot more magazines available to read - Einstein Monthly Issues 9, 10, 11 and 12; The Brain Issue 2; Einstein Review Magazine; Alternative Micro News Issue 2 are now all available for download.

I have now officially started scanning Einstein manuals - A lot of you will be happy to hear that the HARDWARE MANUAL for the Tatung Einstein is now fully available to download as a PDF! Just head over to Manuals and Magazines section as normal to download it. The manual is excellent for wiring information and all aspects of the guts of the TC01.

Also please check my wanted list if you have anything you could sell or donate to me - I'm always on the lookout for new software! You will also see a special request - I am looking to obtain an original copy of Cursed Chambers/Zrim, a great game published by Kuma for the Tatung Einstein and written by John Wolstencroft. It is hoped that someone out there can kindly come forward and be willing to sell/donate the game - John Wolstencroft himself would love to once again obtain an original copy of his own game he wrote 25 years ago. Can anybody help?

Keep an eye out for new magazines/manuals available for download real soon!


11/11/2008 - It's been a little while due to other commitments but I have now updated the site! Einstein Monthly magazines Volume 1 Issues 5, 6, 7, and 8 are now available for download. Also Volume 1 Issue 1 of "Alternative Micro News" which was the successor to Einstein Monthly and edited by Graham Bettany.

Thank you to all the kind comments I have had lately from other Einstein Enthusiasts from all over the world. It's great to hear from you and listen to your experiences with this great retro machine. It's great to see how many Einstein collectors are still out there, from all parts of the world!

There will be more updates soon, but for anyone who is struggling with the XBAS commands for their Einstein, you can now download the official registration card from the Manuals and Magazines section of this site. It comes as a PDF but all the essential commands are there to get you started.

Any improvements you would like to see? Let me know.


21/06/2008 New "Speculator" feature is now viewable on the site. See my new feature on the wonderful B+H Computers (now B+H Electrical) who keep the Einstein flag flying to this day. Also, Einstein Monthly Vol 1 Issue 4 is now available for reading.

Again thanks to everybody who have left messages on my guestbook; a particular thanks to Mike Smallman for his comments - He was the co-producer of Einstein Monthly magazine (available to read on this site) and half of Emsoft. He also wrote "The Einstein Speculator" book, which you can see on the new "Speculator" Section of this site. It's a pleasure to have you grace my website!

Also, a good retro site called Andy's Retro Computers is well worth a look. See it HERE


31/03/2008 - Every single Tatung Einstein User magazine now available for download on this site, all 19 of them! I will now concentrate on getting the remaining issues of The Brain and Einstein Monthly available for reading. Also, I have tested my newly acquired "Speculator" and it works like a dream. I have already been playing Spectrum titles such as "180!" and "Way of the Exploding Fist" on my Einstein using it. It's a great little device - I will have a full feature on it very shortly.


10/03/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 4 Issue 3 available to read!


09/03/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 4 Issue 2 available for download!


08/03/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 3 Issue 4 and Volume 4 Issue 1 now available for download! This is also a great moment for me, as I have finally obtained a Speculator (Spectrum Emulator) for the Einstein!!! AT LAST!!! I'm sure a lot of you will know I have been after one of these for ages! It works perfectly so I will provide a feature on it in action shortly.


23/02/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 3 Issue 3 now available for download! I have finally obtained a "brand new" boxed Einstein 256 and monitor, along with new games! Check out my Software List for the additions, including the very rare Dragon's Lair! Also available for download to play through emulation is Dan Diamond Trilogy. See my new section, titled "Tatung Einstein 256 Revealed" to enjoy pictures of the 256!


10/02/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 3 Issue 2 now available for download! "Elite" fans may find this particularly interesting as it contains a review of the Einstein version. I will shortly be receiving an influx of new Einstein hardware and software... so as I always say watch this space. Can I also thank everybody who has left a message in my Guestbook - It's great to hear from people out there who share my interest and have enjoyed this site. Thank you all! Also as a tribute to all the kind hearted people out there who have donated various Einstein hardware and software to the site, I have created the "Generous Donations to the site" page. Thanks again to all who feature within it!


03/02/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Volume 3 Issue 1 now available for download.


31/01/2008 - Einstein Monthly Volume 1 Issue 3 now available for download. I will shortly be obtaining Einstein Monthly Vol 3 Issues 1 and 2 (Didn't know they existed until now!)... I also have managed to obtain a few of my most wanted... including Dan Diamond Trilogy, Oh Mummy, Starbase, and a boxed Einstein 256 - I will have these soon, so look out for them.


28/01/2008 - Einstein Monthly Volume 1 Issue 2 now available for download. More on the way!


16/01/2008 - Tatung Einstein User magazines entire volumes 1 and 2 now available for download! One new game image file added (Escape From Merlin 8). More games added to my software collection page. More to come!


13/01/2008 - Tatung Einstein User Vol 1 Issue 3 now readable, as well as Einstein Monthly Vol 1 Issue 1!! All magazines are zipped PDF's. Just download them to your computer, unzip them, and enjoy! More magazines will be available all this week so return regularly. I won't stop until they are all available to read on the site!


12/01/2008 - A few good updates today. The Complete Software List has been given a large overhaul, and is now almost fully 100% accurate! All categories have been updated. More games have been added to my collection, and three more game image files have been added for download, including STARQUAKE! Go and play it! More on PDF magazines shortly.


06/01/2008 - Wanted page updated. I'm in the process of getting a shiny new scanner. I fully intend for this website to host every Einstein magazine in PDF readable format. This will happen soon, so keep checking back - The magazines are a great read so I know this will be a great addition to the site! I will also be adding more image files shortly and updating the Complete Software List as there are a few additions to make.


03/01/2008 - Happy New Year to all! More image files have been added today, but there are still loads more to come. So keep a lookout!


28/12/2007 - New image files added! More are being added every day so keep checking back to the relevant page to see what is new! Please also see my updated Wanted page, and ELITE has been added to my collection, check out the review and game pictures! Also, if anybody out there (and you are out there, somewhere!) has a Spectrum Emulator (Speculator) or an original boxed copy of Oh Mummy! for the Einstein, I would love to hear from you!


26/12/2007 - Merry Christmas to everyone! I have added a further 17 game and application images. Go and see the new additions!

21/12/2007 - Tatung Einstein Image files are now live on this site! I have added 14 game files and more will be on their way, ultimately this will be the most comprehensive catalogue of Einstein image files anywhere (eventually!).

20/12/2007 - I have been contacted by a fellow Tatung Einstein collector, who is wanting to clear out his house of a lot of Einstein goodies. He has computers, business and games software. If anybody is interested contact me by email and I will pass you on to him!

06/12/2007 - This site is long overdue an update! I will be updating my website subscription soon to allow unlimited uploads, and as such I will be uploading EVERY Einstein magazine listed on this site available for public reading, via PDF format. This will be happening soon. I promise! I am also looking to add a MESS emulator and Einstein image files to the site, so you can experience Einstein games and utilities on your PC. Please go to the forum to let me know what else you would like to see on this site.

New voting polls added too. My wanted list is still the same, but if anyone out there has an original boxed copy of "Oh Mummy!" I will be forever grateful!

04/02/2007 - IT'S HERE.... the website is now the host to a fully browsable Einstein magazine! As a beginning, you can now read Tatung Einstein User Volume 1 Issue 1 from cover to cover, via PDF format. Go into the manuals and magazine section, select Tatung Einstein User magazines, then Vol 1 Issue 1, just click on "Read it!". It will now load up every page in PDF format for you to enjoy! The PDF is very large and takes a long time to load, be patient, it's worth it!. More magazines will be added every week, so keep returning to read some classic Einstein gold.