It's now close to eighteen years since my site first went live! I always thought that there just wasn't enough sites dedicated to the Tatung Einstein computer out there. So I decided to create this site, which started off as a small tribute to the wonderful Albert. I now want to make this the biggest and best Tatung Einstein website out there... I have a long way to go but I'm getting there... There are now sections devoted to downloading Einstein Image files, magazines to read, and there will be much more to come. I don't think I will ever be finished!

And that's where people like you come in. Over the years I have had some people contact me offering to sell or donate various items of Einstein memorabilia to me. This page is dedicated to all those people who have taken the time to contact me and provide me with the precious items I was looking for!





1. Ben got in touch in 2024 and helped me find some elusive titles on my wanted list, overall helping me source Aegos Games Pack, Aegos Golf, Agrovator, Alien 8, Bell Super Ten Game Pack, Cursed Chambers/Zrim, Dr Frankie, Eliminator/Reversi, Gloop, Hyperball 1 & 2, Jet Set Willy & Manic Miner original disks (just need the original inlay cards now), Jump Mania, Mazeman, Soul of a Robot/F1 Simulator, Space Traveller/Reversi, Sprog, Super Cobra and Time Trap (Solo Software release). Amazing, thank you Ben!


2. Les kindly donated his copies of Escape from Merlin 8, Time Bandits and Maxima to the site. Most of these were on my Wanted List so this was a nice surprise, and much gratitude goes to Les.


3. David kindly donated an original boxed copy of Elite by Firebird, and has provided the most recent donation of a 3 1/2 inch internal disk drive. Magnificent!


4. The biggest donation to date has come from a gentleman (in the true sense of the word), by the name of David Finney. Single handedly this man has provided ALL the Einstein magazines you see on this site, a Tatung Speech Synthesiser, Einstein mouse and software, almost all the hard backed books available for the Einstein, the full collection of public domain software, a massive amount of blank disks, utilities such as Pascal, Zen Assembler, Tasword, Basic Tutorial, Programmers Kit, Stepper, Pete's Utilities, an Emsoft DAC Music Kit, games such as Island of Artuan, Time Trap, Druid, Suspended, and more. His generousity knows no bounds, and he has played a big part in making the site into what it is.


5. Also thanks to Chris for tracing Norseman/Backgammon, Superchess, Maths Tank/Counter Blast, Alphabet Quest/Maths Quest, and Starquake for me!


6. Thanks go out to another gent (whose name escapes me, I apologise!) who helped me trace a top most wanted game at the time, which was "The Wreck". Terrific!


7. A thank you goes to B + H Computers (Now B + H Electrical) who donated a boxed Einstein 256 computer to the site! Thank you!


8. Fresh out the wrapper thank you to Stuart for donating a twin drive Einstein TC01, Speculator, 80 Column Card, countless manuals, magazines and disks for the Einstein - what a donation and thanks for helping the Einstein live on!


9. Many thanks to Peter Campbell who recently donated an unused Tatung Einstein 3" disk, still in its original sealed wrapper!



To sell or donate to me, please click this button and get in touch :-

I will continue to add to this page the names of the wonderful people who help me source Tatung Einstein hardware and software!