As you may have guessed I am a very big fan of the Tatung Einstein computer, and nothing makes me happier than finding some new original boxed software! I prefer games software and even if I already have a game that you own, I would still love to have it as long as it is boxed with original cover inlay.

I WOULD LOVE to hear from you if you have anything I could use. Whether you wish to donate, or sell the memorabilia to me I am happy either way.

This site has been live for five years now, and during that time I have been contacted by many Einstein collectors, who have been of great assistance in helping me complete my collection!

Please keep checking back to this page to see if you have anything I could use. Below is my current wanted list.


As of 25/07/2011, my wanted list is as follows - can you help?


Software most wanted (Original and boxed)


Starcross (Infocom) (original white "flying saucer" shaped box)

Suspended Mask Box (Complete) - Infocom

Planetfall (Infocom)

Enchanter (Infocom)

Witness (Infocom)

Infidel (Infocom)

The Kingdom in Chess (Fydler)

House of Usher

Doom Manor

Jet Set Willy 2 (Single box)

One man and his droid - did this actually exist?


I don't mind if I already have a game that you have, I probably still will be interested, as long as it is original boxed with cover inlay. Thanks so much for looking!


I am constantly making additions to this website and as I receive new software I will add it to the list.

Anything you have to sell to me must be the original disc with box containing original cover art.

If you have anything to sell/donate please let me know and EMAIL ME.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the site!


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