Hello! I'm Mario, and thank you for visiting my site. My interest in the Tatung Einstein started at the tender age of 10 when my parents first bought one for me at Edinburgh Computers for £750! This price covered the base unit and a colour monitor. Coming home from school that day I couldn't believe my luck!

At the time there were very few software titles available for the machine and as such I decided to start programming on the machine myself. I learned to type and program on the Einstein so it does hold fond memories for me.

I always liked the superb keyboard the Einstein has, very clicky and easy to type with.

I remember wishing my dad had bought me a Spectrum 48K as I used to hate walking into John Menzies on Princes Street in Edinburgh and seeing the amazing plethora of Spectrum titles of all genres! This amazed me that there was so little support for the Tatung Einstein, considering it had 80K and could handle anything the Spectrum could.

I still have the original Tatung Einstein which has decided to break down just this February 2024! I am determined to fix it though, and if anybody has a motherboard or just another Einstein they wish to donate/sell, get in touch. I have managed to amass a vast collection of original boxed games over the years which I am very proud of.

This site launched in 2006, and has been alive for eighteen years now. I am immensely proud of that, and Tatung Einstein Reborn! will always continue. It is great to keep this machine alive through this dedication website, I hope you enjoy the memories of this great machine. If you have one but have relegated it to the loft, go and dust it off and give it some life after all these years, you know you want to!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to sign my guestbook or just get in contact. I know for a number of years I haven't been around so I apologise to anybody I haven't replied to, however I do appreciate all the lovely comments and it truly makes me smile warmly.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane, sit back and remember... those were the days, weren't they! Just pure 100% retro gold.

Kings Valley, anyone?

Browse away and have fun.