I have built, and continue to add to a sizeable catalogue of Tatung Einstein Software on this site to download via image file. It brings me great pleasure to know that people out there will be able to experience the software of the Einstein through the MAME emulator, even if they got rid of their computer long ago!

This page is dedicated to the image files I transferred from Einy to PC which unfortunately DON'T WORK. Now, these particular image files are not corrupt, and WILL WORK on a real Einstein if you manage to transfer them back to 3" disc. I used a program called CPCDISKXP V 1.6 to successfully transfer the files from 3" disk to my PC. This program was designed for Amstrad 3" disks but works perfectly well with Einy ones as well. I found out about this program, where to download it, and how to install my Einy disk drive to my PC via Chris Coxall's excellent Tatung Einstein website. You can get more information from this link :-




The latest version of the software is now CPCDISKXP V 2.5.

I will continue to add image files here that do not work on MAME once I have failed in all attempts to get them working. Thanks to a very recent contribution to the update of the MAME emulator by Dirk Best, which amongst a list of things improves Einstein interrupts, almost all the games that used to be listed on this page as not working have now been resolved! This includes Elite, Konami 4 Game pack, The Wreck, Le Mans and many more!! Head off to the main Image File page to download them and start playing! It is an absolute joy to be able to play "Kings Valley" on Einstein emulation, finally!


Please note : There seems to be a problem when some people are trying to download from this site using Internet Explorer. If you see a random jumble of characters when you try to download anything from this site, please try using a different browser, ideally Firefox. That should solve the problem.