Now then. B + H Computers played a big part in the survival of the Tatung Einstein in the 80's and early 90's. These guys took the mantle from Tatung in distributing all the software and hardware available for the great machine.

I remember trying to get a game published with them when I was 13 - it was the Conan game you can see in the image file section of this website. It was rubbish but I was young and naive and thought it would be good enough!

The great news is that B + H Electrical (as they are known now) are still trading and do still have a lot of stock remaining for the Tatung Einstein. Software, hardware, you name it. I myself have gathered a lot of software from them in the past to help add to this website.

However, the best news of all is that John Blagborough, who runs B + H Electrical, still provides BRAND NEW Einstein 256's, BOXED! This is where I got my one... the only place (possibly in the world) where you can call up a man and place an order for an original boxed Einstein 256! See the link below to see the Einstein 256 I obtained from the company :-


Brand New Boxed 256 in all its glory


Pretty amazing. There is no other place on the entire web where I have seen a picture of an Einstein 256 boxed other than here. When I opened the box I found little bits of history, such as a brand new warranty card, quick reference card, brand new 256 Master Disk, and STILL SEALED manual. Retro gold!

If you are interested in obtaining one of these machines originally boxed - give John a call on 01422 330408 or 07770 238665.

I am not making any money for each Einstein 256 he sells, I genuinely want to promote this guy for the good work he does. I've met him once and he's a nice guy.

B+H Computers...I spent my childhood buying Einstein games from this company - memories!