In Alphabetical order


Albert Revealed

Basic Reference Manual

BBC BASIC (Z80) Ref. Manual

CP/M Bible

CP/M Handbook

CP/M Operating system manual

Data File Handling

DBASE 2 for beginners

DOS/MOS Introduction

Einstein 256 User Guide

Einstein Compendium

Einstein Hardware Manual

Einstein Monthly

Einstein News

Einstein Primer

Einstein User Magazine

Exploring Forth

Forth - The Next Step

Introduction to Pascal

Introduction to Wordstar


Pascal as a Second Language

Relatively Basic

Supercalc Prompt

The Brain

The Speculator Book

The Source

The MBASIC Handbook

The Power of Multiplan

The Wordstar Handbook

UCSD Pascal Handbook

Understanding & Using DBASE 2

User's Guide to DBASE 2

Using DR LOGO on the Einstein

Wordstar and CP/M made easy

Wordstar in Action

Wordstar Prompt

Working with DBASE 2