You have decided to use the newer up to date MAME emulator. Download it below :-


MAME V0.262 (64 bit) -----}

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the emulator go into the main MAME folder. Download the Einstein ROM zip file below and leave it zipped, placing it into the roms folder. Any disk images you download from this site will go into this folder now. Any disk images placed into this folder must now remain zipped for this version of MAME/MESS. Remember to place into the roms folder and Einstein.xml into the hash folder. Einstein.xml is the code for the MAME front end Einstein disk image list, which was created from information and images on this site. I have updated it with all the latest additions and will continue to do so.


Einstein ROM file --------------} -----------------------}

einstein.xml -------------------}


This version is very easy to use and I have updated the front end html to work with all the images from this site. Please view the tutorial video below which will explain how to get started.





Tutorial video on setting up Mame with Einstein emulation!