You have decided to use the MESS emulator. Download it below :-


Mess 0129b ------}


Once you have downloaded and unpacked the emulator go into the main MESS folder. If they are not already there, create two folders named software and roms. Go into the newly created software folder and create another folder within called einstein.

Don't worry, you're almost there! Now, you must download the Einstein ROM image file and XBAS basic file. Do so here :-


Einstein ROM file -------------} -----------------------}


Once both are downloaded, Unzip the file and insert the extracted xbas.dsk file into the einstein folder. DO NOT unpack the Einstein ROM zip file, leave it packed. Place it as it is in the roms folder. Note : Any image files you download will need to be unzipped first then placed into the einstein folder.

When you have downloaded your game (image) files, load up the MESS emulator. Select Tatung Einstein from the scroll down menu on the left window. You will see all the roms you have downloaded in the right window. Double click on the one you want to play, and your PC will turn into an Einstein! Now just load up the game as you normally would have on your real Einstein.


This is a brief video guide to assist you in the operation of the emulator, how to load up an Einstein ROM, and mount or unmount ROMS.

Make sure to run the executable file "messui" from the MESS folder. Ensure you have correctly created the ROMS and SOFTWARE folders in your MESS directory as per the previous instructions, remembering to create a further EINSTEIN folder within the SOFTWARE folder (the EINSTEIN folder is where you will place all your DSK files, including the xbas.dsk file). Remember to place the still zipped EINSTEIN zip file you downloaded into the ROMS folder.


Here are some short videos to help you with Einstein Emulation!



Video Guide - Setting up MESS and running your first DSK file



Video Guide - Mounting/Unmounting DSK images