Accounting Suite (A.C.C)

Accounts (New Miracle Software)

Administrator (Fydler)

Advertising Titles Printer (J&K Software)

Analyser (For Cash Trader - Quest International)

Appointmaster (Fydler)

Audio Daystock (A.C.C.)

Audio Stockmaster (A.C.C.)

Bakery Package (Discos)

Bar Sales (Peach Computers Ltd)

Beef Manager (New Miracle Software)

Budget System (Surrey Software)

Business Control (Modular)

Business Package (Solo Software)

CAD-CAM (Skytronics)

Calcstar (Micropro)

Cash Trader (Quest International)

CTC Cheque Print (Fydler)

CTC Data Diary (Fydler)

CTC PAYE (Fydler)

CTC Non Vat Accounts (Fydler)

Calcstar (Xitan/Softsel)

Carsales (Peach Computers Ltd)

Cattle Management (Sum-it)

Chemists (New Miracle Software)

Circuit Designer (Fydler)

Club (Peach Computers Ltd)

Club Membership (New Miracle Software)

Database (Kuma)

Datafile (J&K Software)

Datafile II (J&K Software)

Datamate (Fydler)

Datastar (Fydler)

Datastate (Fydler)

Datastate II (Fydler)

Datoel (Fydler)

DBASE 11 V 2.41 (Tatung)

DBASE 11 V 2.43 (Softsel)

DBSTOCK (DB Services)

Easidata (Kuma)

Easivat (Kuma)

Easylabel (A.C.C. Computers)

Egg Production (Harper Adams College)

Einstein Simplex (Micro-Simplex)

Electronic Manager (Tatung)

Estate Agents (Fydler)

Extra! Extra! (Soft-Ideas)

Farm Accounts and Farming (Sum-It)

Field Management (Sum-It)

Flock Data (Harper Adams College)

Friday! (Ashton Tate)

General Database (Sum-It)

Genesis Word Processor (Solo Software)

Hairdressing (Soft Ideas)

Herd Management (Sum-It)

Hotel Manager (New Miracle Software)

Hotel Phone Log (Sharp Cost Telecommuications)

Infostar (Datastar/Reportstar) - Micropro

Integrated Accounts (Skytronics)

Invoice (Kuma)

Invoicer & Statements (Fydler)

Landlord (Microtec)

Mailing (Tatung)

Mail Merge (Micropro)

Masterbill Invoice (Fydler)

Masterbill Order Confirmation (Fydler)

Masterbill Statement (Fydler)

Masterbill Delivery Note (Fydler)

Masterbill Remittance Advice (Fydler)

Mastermail (Fydler)

Mastermail Sort (Fydler)

Micro Landlord (New Miracle Software)

Micro Pics (Production Control) - Aurora Software

Micro Simplex (Tatung)

Microtext (Transdata)

Miniplan (Fydler)

Moneyplan (Emsoft)

Multiplan (Microsoft)

Networking (Skytronics)

Newsagents (Direct Computer Sales)

Nominal Ledger (Skytronics)

NON-VAT Accounts (Kuma)

Order Processing (Skytronics)

Padmede Business Suite (Quest)

Patient Database (A.C.C.)

Patient Label (A.C.C.)

P.A.Y.E./P.11 (Phoenix)

Payroll (Skytronics)

Payroll (New Miracle Software)

Peach Pack (Peach Computers)

Personnel Records (Skytronics)

Petrol Accounts (Microtec)

Phial (New Miracle Software)

Pig Management (Sum-It)

Procheque (Proflex)

Production Control (Skytronics)

Profit Call (SCT)

Proflex (Proflex)

Project Planner (Surrey Software)

Proledger (Proflex)

Propay (Proflex)

Prosales (Proflex)

Prostock (Proflex)

Protel (Proflex)

Purchase Control (Microtec)

Purchase (Skytronics)

Purchase Ledger (Skytronics)

Retirement Home Management (Fydler)

Sales Ledger (Skytronics)

Sales Ledger (Microtec)

Sales Ledger/Invoicing (Skytronics)

Sales, Nominal & Invoicing (Skytronics)

Sassy (New Miracle Software)

S.C.A.N. Draw (Skytronics)

S.C.A.N. Print (Skytronics)

S.C.A.N. Plot (Skytronics)

Screenscript (Screensoft)

SERQ Mailing System (Fydler)

Service Department (Microtec)

Small Business Accounts (Fydler)

Sow Manager (New Miracle Software)

Spellstar (Micropro)

Spreadsheet (Kuma)

SSSPELL (Surrey Software)

Starindex (Micropro)

Statflow (Statistics) - Aurora Software

Statflow (Demonstration pack) - Aurora Software

Stock Control (Fydler)

Stock Control (Skytronics)

Stock Control & Invoicer (Fydler)

Supercalc (Xitan/Softsel)

Supercalc 2 (Xitan/Softsel)

Supernews (Bubble Bus)

Supersort (Softsel)

Superstore (Kuma)

Superwriter (Softsel)

Tasprint Einstein (Tasman)

Tassign Einstein (Tasman)

Tasword Einstein (Tasman)

Telepack (New Miracle Software)

Telerenter (New Miracle Software)

The Accounting System (Surrey Software)

The Cracker (Tatung)

The New DATAFILE 11 (Fydler)

Total Business Package (Solo Software)

Use it (Bubble Bus)

Vid Lib (J&K Software)

Video Manager (Video Techniques)

WDPRO (Kuma)

Word Processor with Spreadsheet (New Miracle Software)

Wordstar Professional (Micropro)

Wordstar Professional/Infostar (Micropro)